FreeSK8 Mobile App (Android & iOS)

What’s this? Why it’s the FreeSK8 Mobile App thread! Stay tuned for development updates & release information on the state of our mobile app development projects!

FreeSK8 Mobile is a rider-focused multi-function mobile application that provides an ever growing number of features, and also serves as our primary datalogging interface for our FreeSK8 Robogotchi (more on this soon).

The app has been designed from the ground-up by our very own @skate420, in Flutter so that the app can be made available cross-platform. Renee has been a one-woman-army behind our software engineering efforts, and if you’d like to support her development efforts or buy her a cup of “coffee” feel free to throw a donation her way via our FreeSK8 Patreon.

And of course, we will be open sourcing our entire codebase when it’s ready for release.

Logging Please note that our logging features are based around our soon to be released Robogotchi modules which have integrated flash to facilitate always-on logging features. This means you won’t need to maintain a bluetooth tether to your phone to log; just turn your board on and the Robogotchi will start logging when your ride starts, and afterwards you can sync up to the FreeSK8 Mobile App to transfer your logs over from your board!

NRF/BLE modules can still connect to the app to view real-time data & make configuration changes.

Currently we are holding a limited Early Access Closed Beta Test in the Google Play Store for Android devices, and are expected to have our iOS version of the app available in the next 2 weeks.

Screenshots shown below are from previous alpha builds and should not be considered final in layout or form.

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FreeSK8 Mobile App Beta Signup is here, however please understand that we’re currently limiting the number of early access participants, so sign-up does not guarantee an invite. Public open beta testing will likely begin around the same time that we launch Robogotchi beta (later this month).

FreeSK8 Mobile App Bug Report here.

Questions, comments?


What are the main features of this app?
For example, stormcore and llt bms. I could connect to both in this app? Then what? Logging, tweaks to settings, fault finding? I’m not esk8 app savvy
Btw, @Andrew beta apps can’t be loaded :shushing_face:


You’ll have to give us 24-48H to grant access to new Patrons, it’s currently a closed testing group so we have to manually add folks. I’ll go and update the access list in a few minutes here.

I’ll give a bit more detailed write-up on the existing features + feature roadmap and get it added to the first post, but we’re looking to bring most core ‘out for a ride’ type features to the app while leaving the more fully featured configuration menu experience to VESC-Tool. You’ll be able to check your RT data, run detection, configure & switch between Speed Profiles, change your most common ESC settings, and sync up to any Robogotchis that you’ve paired the app to so that they can upload their logs for viewing. The Robogotchi can interface directly to a GPS module, and we have a baseplate mounted GPS module that will be an option alongside the Robogotchi release. The app can also talk to canbus enabled BMS such as the DieBieMS & FlexiBMS, and of course our upcoming FreeSK8 sBMS as well.

This app is still considered an alpha release and we still have a lot of work to do to finish it- but the features that we do have are working well. Given that Renee only really started digging into this at the end of April, she’s made massive strides already. Excited to show you guys what we have in store for the future too.


Sweet, gonna need that in a simple form factor. Making a liion battery to go with the LiPo bearing mbs I built.



Finally we have a thread to it :ok_hand::+1:
Looking forward to the iOS version.
Also, who had this glorious idea to gps track write „hello“ … golden


That would be Renee, who is also on vacation this week so I’m a big jerk for waiting until the day she was leaving to make this thread.

That’s from an integrated GPS module connected directly to the Robogotchi.


This is exciting, happy to hear you are making it for IOS too!

I want to do a set up on my upcoming e bike with this. I love the way the interface looks, it looks actually planned instead of “thrown together” like the other ones out there.


@skate420 has done it again, we’re officially live in the iOS world with the FreeSK8 Mobile App.

Right now we’re running our beta testing via TestFlight, invitations are being sent out from our beta sign-up list found here:


Hi champs, thanks for adding me to the TestFlight list.

I tried connecting to an older model metr module (hm10 iirc)on my crummy iPhone 6 - both are all I have right now, although the metr app can find the module freesk8 app cannot.

Perhaps it’s my inner caveman not thinking through things but I thought to mention it.


Not sure the hm10 is supported (yet), those modules tend to struggle bus a bit. Our testing & validation has been focused on NRF BLE devices such as the FreeSK8 NRF52, Trampa NRF, stormcore nrf, newer Metr pro modules, etc.


Yo, signed up for alpha/beta testing. I plan to connect to freesk8 app with NRF52 module hooked up to stormcore.

Does app provide info on battery voltage (capacity)? I’m using lipos and no BMS.


Yep! It’ll show you full vesc telemetry/speed as well + you can run detection, set speed profiles, and change your motor configuration.

It’s coming along nicely.

We’ll get the beta access list updated today to grant access to the new signups.


Makes sense, I have some new shit coming along to try against, plus planning on hitting your store when robogotchi is released


Are we supposed to get an email?


Yes, I’m slacking. Updating list tonight.


Bruh we understand…life happens