SkyartPower - The Workbench

Hello dear builders!

Starting this thread here to keep a record of my works, to inspire, to encourage creativity and general all around screwing around with the esk8s!

I build completes, but lately have been focusing more on custom battery packs.

Below are some pictures of my work in the last 3-4 months

The Smorgarboard -

This was a Carver, real interesting experiment. Gen 1 kaly Drive on the back, MBS truck and hanger on the front. Had trampa barrels on the back and red mbs blocks on the front, it rode beautifully! Very stable, the battery was a 12s5p made of QB26800 cells. It was a hefty road going giant that would not quit. Longest ride I took on it was around 30 miles, probably had another 15 in the charge.

The Lazy Lightning -

Extremely happy with how this one turned out. 12s4p batteru made of 40t cells. Originally build with a flipsky dual mini vesc 6 variant, berg, and 170kv maytechs. @Abusfullofnuns is the owner of this beauty. This particular build i feel is perfect, biggest surprise factor with this one was the consistent 20 mile range on bergmeister All terrain wheels. I think i have also seen some logs from Tom, hitting around 42 mph. Glad it went ro such a great rider! @Tomswife…sorry.

The “I want to kill my nephew”

This is a very similar build to the lazy lightning. Biggest difference is the smaller battery pack 12s4p 30q and this one has 2 balance pro vescs. These particular vescs are almost identical copies of trampa vesc 6+ the board is running well, and my nephew is already having me build a 12s8p tesla pack for him, stay tuned!

The “What could have been”

This was such a sweet sweet build! Custum 12s9p pack made of 50e cells. The range is crazy! Longest ride i took on this one was 45 miles. Probbaly had another 5-10 I could have gone. No expense was spared on this build. 3Dservisas trucks and drives, stormcore, eventually swapped it for 2 TB vescs, 170kv motors 6380 motors. The board had so much room to stand on, very comfy on long rides. This board and the smorgasboard I tried 9" tires on. Let me just say, not a fan. 8" tires feel much better, better efficiency and the controllers don’t get as hot. The board desperately needs a heatsink or 4wd. All that range is good, but after 10 miles you can start feeling the controller thermal throttle you down. This partly due to the 1:4.2 gear ratio. Maybe would have less heating issues with 1:5 or 1:6, would have an easier time turning those 8" tires. Hope Brently gets alot of good use out of it.

The “Torque - Black”

This was such a fun build! 12s3p Molicel P42a cells, moon pulleys, my favorite TB6380 170kv motors, dual TB6 vescs, bergs. 40 mph build, 14 mile range. So quick! And sooooo light!!! There is deffinetly something to be said for lighter builds, portable, easy to grab and throw im the car, and enough range for a good ride. The TB6s are sitting on a heatsink too, have not been ae to thermal throttle this build, even riding like a maniac! New owner took delivery of this board today. Hope he loves it!

The “Plutonium Slayer”

This is by far my favorite build! 4wd on TB DD xls, dual Stormcore 60D, 12s8p molicel, on a good old Evo 40. Thanks to Alan at eboosted, this enclosure is juuust big enough to fit all that stuff in there! Weight in jusy shy of 50lbs, this is not only the most powerful build i have ever built, but also the heaviest. Would love to figure out a hande for it…its sooo heavy! Lol. Rides like a dream, quite as can be, and the acceleration is absolutely insane! Topping out at 43 mph, and it does that up some really steep hills too. Been able to pull some crazy amps from it too, according to davega 255 battery amps!!

I am available for complete commissions, and custom battery builds, PM for details.

Lots more cool stuff to come!


You’re off your chops dude, always putting out good shit. Keep us posted!


Building at the very highest level, Sky. Thanks for sharing all of your porn.


Tell me more about these…


They are from this place

He has stopped making them, and is working on a new version, they have a gyro for one wheel builds, but work just fine for what we use them for. They were on sale for $120 a peace. Lol I wish I grabbed like 10 of them.


Funny seeing the Lazy Lightning in that form. Battery, enclosure, and deck is all that’s left.

In a short time I have changed the hangers/mounts, the bms, esc(twice), wiring, motors(twice), remote, and three sets of tires. Should have just built a second board right away and left it alone. Made learning easy when there was a competed puzzle for me to screw with.


Haha, yeah there was quite a bit of growing pains with this one, it probbaly took me about a 2 years to gain the experience you have in 4 months lol


Ahhhhh I was all up in that Onewheel thread the other day!!! Dope kit. Gonna be all over it when and if it becomes available again. Also glad to hear the escs are good. Thank you for the infos bro…


You are one of my main inspirations, both for builds and for batteries. Keep kicking ass dude!


For sure was good to go when it got to me. Should have just trusted the Flipsky. Changing that set off a chain of events. The fuse holder slightly melting and the bad xt90 to 60 splitter that was provided from elsewhere causing intermittent problems forced me to get neck deep quick.


Working on a good old 12s4p 30q pack today. This is kind of become a minimum in my opinion for most longboard builds. I can go through a full charge on one of these in less then 30 mins it feels


On the bench today, a bunch of 30qs and some p42s will be joining in a bit


Weighing in some cells

Tesla 2170
Averaging 69 grams from a sample of 10

Molicel p42a

Averaging 66 grams from a sample of 10

Samsung 50e

Averaging 69 grams from a sample of 10


Alot of juice on this bench waiting for some love


sky, or other 4wd builders, ever find the long battery lead to connect the second truck problematic?

ever notice anything weird due to extra wire resistance?

do you find the need to design the pack with extra gauge wire?


I’ve been working through a 4wd build and I think I’m going to make the battery terminals in the center of the pack and run equivalent length battery leads to all 4 ESCs


Absolutely no adverse effects from the long cables running back to the other stormcore. Voltage drop and resistance at lengths less then 10’ absokookly negligible. I would go as far as to say probably 20’ at 50v won’t see much of an effect.


Wow…i freaking love this… @Andrew thank you sir! This was a genius idea


Lol how good are they :joy: i’ve got strips of 9 wide for 18650s, still need to get some for 21700s


Fantastic! It’s got me a silly amount of exited lol! They are like a micrometer off, but nothing we can’t work with, and its probbaly not even the stickers. Every cell I am sure is a tiny bit different from the next, so thisbis bound to be just a tad off for some cells


Yeah same with my 18650 ones. Anything over 4 cells wide starts getting a little bit off. But still heaps easier than singles :ok_hand: