Tom Got Screwed Skateroom

Got a new place for the family. Had a sweet little office and workshop in my old spot. Wasn’t equipped as I’d like, but it was a nice hideout away from the fam. The basement was finished but not as nice as they wanted so they’d leave me alone.

The original plan for this house was for me to get stuck in the garage. I was sort of ok with it, but didn’t realize how few power outlets there are in the new garage. I’ll definitely be adding if I get other stuff done. Certainly not enough outlets to run a second fridge, lighting, chargers, electronics tools, and car maintenance tools.

I put my foot down and claimed some space in the bonus room. I’ll use this thread to share the start of projects and to keep me honest in moving forward with the “shop” space.

Still working to get moved in and the garage is a mess. I’m claiming this half of the garage for bikes, tools, and deck work. The other half will be for another new toy I’m planning.

Have my indoor table set up and starting to unpack. This space will be for electronics and building. Still need to set up the room. Down side is it’s the back of the theater/gaming room. Solder fumes and kids are ok, right? Have a downstairs set up too, so may force them to stay there.

I have some extra dressers that I’ll put on either side of the table for the rear speakers to sit on and for me to keep supplies and skate tools inside.

Still have a bunch of unpacking to do and I’ll update as I make progress. Kind of bummed but also kind of excited to keep my space a little more straightened.



Closet situation in the new crib is exponentially better. The kids bedrooms have closets that have enough room that we put dressers into them and they have shelving as well. This has freed up other drawer space in dressers as well.

I was given claim to two old but solid sets of drawers. Not sure I’ll need both for just esk8 but the option is there.

Unfortunately, brought some more stuff over from the other house and lost some space in the garage for a bit. Going to stay motivated to get it straight.

You’re getting this update in real time. Time to get the drawers full.


You need to utilise that wall space bro. Shelves FTW


Have a lot of crazy concert art that’s framed. Gotta figure out the deco first. I think the wife has an idea that I’ll keep stuff put up.


How do you convince the wife to let u keep skate stuff inside the house?


I’ve been a dirtbag my whole life. She’s had a long time to get used to it. She probably doesn’t fully understand the fire risk, but I’m going to try and keep completed boards in the garage if not charging.


lol I keep telling my gf they’re bombs to scare her into being careful around them, she’ll throw her bag anywhere…



Batteries outside seems sensible to me. Blowing up a lipo in my face on my first build (no harm) was an effective safety lesson.

My wife has also had plenty of time to get on board, but is still seems very resistant to me leaving any sort of skate/bike parts/tools in the house. Maybe cos of the lipo explosion.


Ooh nice. I love concert posters. Looking forward to seeing.


Unloaded most of my junk. Got one dresser set up and some stuff on the shelves. It’s 1:30am, so let’s see what time the wife notices tomorrow.

The next two builds are on the shelf. The third deck for the top shelf is on its way.

Bottom shelf is for the daughter. Just lacking the time to do the color and epoxy/frit. Ready to get this one on the road in the next couple of weeks. I should have never let her talk me into changing the color.

Middle shelf lacks a battery. It’ll be gear drives and part time thane.

Top shelf is reserved.

Though the contents are meager the drawers have some semblance of order.

Soldering accessories, but must be missing a box of more stuff somewhere.

Have a drawer for adhesion. I know some don’t like the hot glue, but I do for some purposes(like feet). Fight me.

One for hardware and random bullshit.

A drawer for roll-y parts.

ESC’s, remotes, and randomness. Missing a box of closed source telemetry modules after the move. Should be up for sale on the dark web pretty soon anyway.

There’s a drawer for my wiring bullshit.

Chargers have a drawer for the time being.

Even have a little corner set up to work on a board of the table or to sit while it charges. I need to get a office mat to go on top of the carpet.


What’s in the Amazon box that doesn’t move?


Id suggest hanging your bikes (if the garage door allows it.

There are these cool pulley systems that will even hang them flat against the ceiling, maximize that space!

Good to see someone else’s garage is messy too!


Had to go check. It’s gone!! The tops of the table and dressers look worse, but I’ve gone through 4 boxes of shit I’ve collected. Most have a new home but still more to work out.

The amazon box had a can of SprayMax 2K. Nothing exciting.


It’s worse today. There’s more bikes than there are pictured. Definitely need to figure out a storage solution.

I’ve made progress in the garage to the fact that all the furniture is in the house. Another week and I’ll have worked through the garage sorting. Daughter is furious that I haven’t finished her board.


Throwing down the gauntlet for myself. Desk and dressers will be clean enough for a pic today.


I know how that feels! I was going to spend today cleaning out my garage a bit more but I just got a shipment of shirts in that I have to make for a friend.

Then I came into the “craft” room and realized that it needs to be cleaned too!


What deck is that in the middle on the shelves?


Gen 2 evolve carbon


Thanks tom.


No worries goat fucker